Our Wedding Day on 9 Jun, 2012


個 Wedding Website 同相中人一樣噤正。見到D相已經感受到你哋嘅喜悅,祝新婚快樂,百頭偕老,美滿姻緣,佳偶天成,心心相印,美滿良緣,金石同心,永在愛中 .............。

Ady Poon (United States) - 04 Jan 2012

May each day of wedded bliss, always be as sweet as this! Best wishes on your wedding day!

Ben Chang (United States) - 04 Jan 2012

Congratulation! I wish you and Rebecca have a happy wedding life in future.

Henry Tsang (United States) - 04 Jan 2012

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