Our Wedding Day on 9 Jun, 2012

About Us

Rebecca Fong

Rebecca is the eldest sister in her family. She loves travelling, swimming and sports. You can't believe that she can drink a lot of beer but not get drunk.

Steven Tai

Steven is the eldest brother in his family as well. He likes to watch movies, sleeping and day dream. He is a lazy but punctilious boy when he concentrates on the task at hand.

Rebecca and Steven, have different education background, interest and attitudes. One day, they worked in the same company but two of different departments. This place is the begining of their love story.

They met through a company activity at Hong Kong Wetland Park since Jun 2007, and it was fate that brought them together. During walk in park, they were talking with each other about everything, and find a lot of common such as playing badminton. Therefore, Steven invited Rebecca to join his badminton game with his friends. They met together not only in office but also at playground on each Sunday, and they fall in love together finally.

What kinds of things attractive each other? Rebecca said "He is so charming when helping me to solve any computer problems.", and Steven said he loves her smile so much. She is a happy girl like a sunshine.

During the romantic moment, they were traveling many places such as Korea, Phuket, Taichung, Osaka, Malaysia, Singapore and so forth. 3 years 7 months later, Steven proposed to Rebecca in “Sky 100”, she says yes and brings their love into another romantic journey.

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